5 Steps To Burglar Proofing Your Home

Home is the place where you feel most vulnerable, this is why it is important to invest in its security. Only a safe and fully secured home can offer both you and your family the peace of mind you need, knowing that you are protected at all times. Any forced entry or violation of your personal space can have a tremendous impact, as burglars often target not only the valuables found inside the house, but also the homeowner. Here you will find 5 ways to burglar-proofing your home:

1. Invest In A State Of The Art Alarm System

Alarm systems have been around for tens of years, yet a relatively small percentage of homeowners have installed one. Cost-effective, sensitive and very durable in the long run, alarm systems are a great investment as they target not only your front door, but also your back door and your windows. The alarm goes on whenever the motion or sound sensors detect forced entry, informing the local police which often arrives at the scene within minutes.

There is also the option of contacting a local company for security alarms in Wellington that will install a monitored home security system and track the activity around your home on a constant basis.

2. Don’t Ignore The Windows

In many cases, homeowners are too concerned about burglar-proofing the front door, neglecting the windows, which are considerably easier to break. There are many ways in which you can lock up your windows – for instance, you can invest in double-glazing windows which not only block the outside noise and make it very difficult for burglars to smash through, but also adds to the heat insulation in your home. Moreover, you can also opt for security screens in Wellington city – virtually invisible and cost-effective, these screens are a great addition to your living or bedroom windows.

3. Buy The Right Type Of Doors

Burglar-proofing your front doors without making sure that they are sturdy and hard to break through in the first place, is one of the biggest mistakes one can do. Never buy hollow front or back doors – instead, opt for fiberglass, solid wood or metal doors, as they are reinforced and considerably safer. If you have serious reasons to be concerned about the safety of your family, then you can always opt for high quality security doors in Wellington that are specifically designed to prevent (or at least to lower the risk of) forced entry. 

4. Use Deadbolts

Now that you have upgraded your front and back doors, it is very important to also deadbolt them. Installing a deadbolt costs is cost effective, not to mention that the benefits of a deadbolted door certainly outweigh the costs. 

5. Light Timers Will Scare Burglars Away

  Light timers are a great way to convince burglars that you are at home even when you are on holiday. As the name implies, light timers will intermittently go on and off at a previously set time interval, tricking outsiders into believing that you are home.